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Y-shaped equilateral turnout, which dovetail with the turnout to the sides of the two stocks Road bifurcation. Three-way turnout as Ψ-shaped, while convergence of three tracks, mechanically operated by two sets of sharp turn rut track. Double Slip Switches like X-shaped, in fact, equivalent to four single turnout and a diamond-shaped cross combinations.


Y-shaped equilateral turnout, which dovetail with the turnout to the sides of the two stocks Road bifurcation. Three-way turnout as Ψ-shaped, while convergence of three tracks, mechanically operated by two sets of sharp turn rut track. Double Slip Switches like X-shaped, in fact, equivalent to four single turnout and a diamond-shaped cross combinations.

Product Detail

Turnout Classification

Single turnout (single turnout), double turnout (equilateral turnout), three turnout (three-way turnout) and multi-turnout (Double Slip Switches), etc.
Y-shaped equilateral turnout, which dovetail with the turnout to the sides of the two stocks Road bifurcation.
Three-way turnout as Ψ-shaped, while convergence of three tracks, mechanically operated by two sets of sharp turn rut track.
Double Slip Switches like X-shaped, in fact, equivalent to four single turnout and a diamond-shaped cross combinations.
In addition, there is a cross-connect equipment, usually called diamond cross. It consists of two acute and two obtuse frog frog composition, but no derailleur, so the shares can not be transferred between road line.
 If the Double Slip Switches X-shaped two points above and below the two are connected together, that crossover. It can not only open more direction, but a small space, so often used at the station.

Turnout Installation Inspection Standard

1. The switch installed device fixed screw fastening, device without the old wound crack.
2. Each connecting rod, lock device outside the old wound crack, bar mill card and corrosion, abrasion pin hole is not greater than 1 mm, good insulation. 

Turnout Parameters

Number   Model    gauge (millimeter) frog number curve radius(meter) overall length(millimeter) Restricted vehicles(position) speed limit(meter/sec) total weight(kg)

1  DK612-2-3        600    No.2            3 4000                                          311

2  DK612-3-6          No.3                 6 6100                                            515

3  DK612-4-12         No.3                12 6800                                           573

4  DK612-5-15         No.5                15 7400     

5  DK615B-2-3         No.2                3 4000     

6  DK615B-3-6         No.3                6 6100     

7  DK615B-4-12        No.4               12 6800     

8  DK615B-5-15        No.5               15 7400