Turn over the rail unit
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Turn over the rail unit
Turn over the rail unit application advantages:It is of light weight, high strength, easy to operate, saving, high efficiency, low labor intensity, railway staff and easy to carry, is standing in the railway sector specific tools

Turn over the rail unit

Turn over the rail unit application advantages:It is of light weight, high strength, easy to operate, saving, high efficiency, low labor intensity, railway staff and easy to carry, is standing in the railway sector specific tools

Product Detail

Turn over the rail unit Product Introduction

Turn over the rail unit compositionFG type turn over the rail unit is composed of carbon structural steel tip and seamless welded rail utility turn, flip railroad rails when using a manual clamp tool.
Turn over the rail unit application advantages:It is of light weight, high strength, easy to operate, saving, high efficiency, low labor intensity, railway staff and easy to carry, is standing in the railway sector specific tools.

Turn over the rail unit Parameters

1weight: 4.5 kg P60
2packing size1460×200×140
3seamless steel tube length is 1.55 meters, is 30 mm in diameter, weight is 3 kg.

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