YBD Series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
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YBD Series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
This series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor be use to coal mine underground(not tunnelling face).and plants contain workplaces of explosive gas mixture of electricity use.Motor with variable speed change pole

YBD Series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Introduction

This series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor be use to coal mine undergroundnot tunnelling face.and plants contain workplaces of explosive gas mixture of electricity use.Motor with variable speed change pole.
explosion-proof performance standard GB3836.

YBD Series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Parameters

Voltage rating380V/660V
Rated frequency50Hz
Protection grade IP44IP54
Insulation gradeF
Installing form B3B5B35 etc.