YB560-800 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
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YB560-800 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
YB560-800 Series High Voltage Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor adopt to stand axial cooling duct,Internal circulation ventilation mode of the fan cooling,with small volume,light-weight ,small vibration,low voice,safe and reliable,convenient maintenance etc.

YB560-800 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Introduction

YB560-800 Series High Voltage Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor adopt to stand axial cooling duct,Internal circulation ventilation mode of the fan cooling,with small volume,light-weight ,small vibration,low voice,safe and reliable,convenient maintenance etc.According to the service requirements make out“ExdI” and“ExdIIBT4”,explosion-proof performance standard GB3836.

Suitable for the sites with explosive air mixture, used as a drag fan, water pump, compressor and other equipment.

YB560-800 Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Parameters

Voltage rating3000V6000V10000V
Rated frequency50Hz
Protection grade IP44IP54
Power range 315kW-1800kW
Insulation gradeF
Installing form IMB3