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Mainly used for hoisting, pulling unloading, towing heavy loads. Such as various sized concrete, steel,mechanical equipment installation and removal. Applicable to constructing and installating company, mining, civil construction and plant installation. Electric winch also known as fast electric winch, which is powered by electric motor made roller rotating lifting tool.

Winch Introduction

Electric winch also known as fast electric winch, which is powered by electric motor made roller rotating lifting tool.Mainly used for hoisting, pulling unloading, towing heavy loads. Such as various sized concrete, steel,mechanical equipment installation and removal. Applicable to constructing and installating company, mining, civil construction and plant installation. 

Technical Parameter

Model No.: JM5

Rope rated tension KN50

Reducer total ratio I119.34

Roller diameter mmΦ325*700

Roller speed r/mm8

Rope capacity m200

Rope diameter mm19.5

Rope size6*19

Rope lift speed m/min9

Motor No.Y160L-6

Motor rated power KW11

Motor rated speed rmin960

Brake No.YWZ-300/45

Outer size(L*W*H)1550*1160*800