Vertical shaft head sheave
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Vertical shaft head sheave
Rope groove with plastic lining or rubber block, can increase the service life of wire rope; mainly used for upgrading and inclined shaft . The wheel of vertical shaft head sheave and sinking sheave is only for rotary motion. Vertical shaft head sheave is mounted on the derrick, play a supportive role.

Product Introduction

    Vertical shaft head sheave is mounted on the derrick, play a supportive role; expensed trailer for mine hoist to the lifting hoist drum between containers in order to guide the rope steering. Rope groove with plastic lining or rubber block, can increase the service life of wire rope; mainly used for upgrading and inclined shaft . The wheel of vertical shaft head sheave and sinking sheave is only for rotary motion. 

Technical Parameter

      Model       Rope groove bottom circle   Dia(mm) Rope groove Radius(mm)  Steel rope dia (mm)  Bearing distance(mm)

TLG1600/9.5-11       1600            9.5、                 11                15-20                    140

TLG2000/12-13.5     2000             12                   13.5              20-24.5                 180

TLG2500/15-17        2500             15                    17                24.5-31                  200