Two-speed winch
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Two-speed winch
Two-speed winch is flame proof winch, have two speeds, two kinds of traction.mainly for hydraulic support goes out to and handling, mining in the face angle less than 30 degrees or below the roadway improvement and heavy ,used in the environments of coal mine dust or explosive gas.

Two-speed winch Introduction

Two-speed winch is flame proof winch, have two speeds, two kinds of traction.mainly for hydraulic support goes out to and handling, mining in the face angle less than 30 degrees or below the roadway improvement and heavy ,used in the environments of coal mine dust or explosive gas. 

Technical parameters

Model No,JSDB-19,JSDB-13,JSDB-10

Rope diameter30mm,24mm,22mm

Rope capacity400m,180m,200m

Motor power45kw,22kw,18.5kw

Low average rope speed0.145,m/s,0.147m/s,0.115

Low inner max static tension320KN,200KN,140KN

Low outer max static tension190KN,130KN,100KN

Fast ourter max static tension25KN,15KN,17KN

Fast inner max rope speed1.538,m/s,1.3m/s,0.78m/s

Outer size3825*1214*1470mm,3182*968*987mm,2389*772*1002mm

Total weight5480kg,2980kg,1900kg

Range of application

Two-speed winch is mainly used for underground coal mining working face, fully mechanized equipment and relocation of all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment and other auxiliary transport work, as well as the underground mining working face,base parking lot, up&down mountains,mine car scheduling, and material handling work, also can be used for prop-pulling caving mining working face.