YT27 Rock Drill
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YT27 Rock Drill
Other Names:pneumatic rock drill; rock drill
YT27 hand rock drill is rock drilling equipment with high efficiency. It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on. YT27 hand rock drill is suitable for hard rock, concrete (f=8~18) drilling, blasting, breaking works.

YT27 Rock Drill

Other Names:pneumatic rock drill; rock drill

YT27 hand rock drill is rock drilling equipment with high efficiency. It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on. YT27 hand rock drill is suitable for hard rock, concrete (f=8~18) drilling, blasting, breaking works.

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YT27 hand rock drill is rock drilling equipment with high efficiency. It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on. YT27 hand rock drill is suitable for hard rock, concrete (f=8~18) drilling, blasting, breaking works. Energy-saving and efficient, long service life of parts, parts highly interchangeable and reliable performance. 

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