water well drilling rig
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water well drilling rig
Other Names:portable water well dilling rig; water well drilling machine; drilling rig
1.Hole diameter:70--350mm 2.Hole depth:30-80m 3.Engine:electrical/diesel 4.Dimension:1100*600*500cm 5.Drilling rig weight:135kg

water well drilling rig

Other Names:portable water well dilling rig; water well drilling machine; drilling rig

1.Hole diameter:70--350mm 2.Hole depth:30-80m 3.Engine:electrical/diesel 4.Dimension:1100*600*500cm 5.Drilling rig weight:135kg

Product Detail

Product Introduction


1.small dimension,1100*600*500cm 

2.Light weight,135kg

3.Easy to use.

4.Long life time,the fist generation product has been used for 13 years up to now,it has drilled more than 4000 holes. Except from drill bit, almost all the parts don’t need to repair.

5.Can be used to drill hard geology.

6.Can drill deep, it has lifter, reduced labor intensity.

7.High efficiency, it can drill more than 30 meters per hour in flat area, two person can drill 2 to 3 holes per day.

Main Parameter

1.Hole diameter:70--350mm
2.Hole depth:30-80m

5.Drilling rig weight:135kg



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