Cement pump and Mortar spray machine
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Cement pump and Mortar spray machine
Other Names:cement pump; mortar spray; concrete spray machine
1. High speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity 2.Screw type with advanced technology 3. We are producer over 20 years

Cement pump and Mortar spray machine

Other Names:cement pump; mortar spray; concrete spray machine

1. High speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity 2.Screw type with advanced technology 3. We are producer over 20 years

Product Detail

Product Introduction

  Mortar spray machineis multi-functional large output plastering machine introduced Italian technology. It has the combined functions of pumping, bonding and plastering. 

  It's suitable for different characteristics dry ready-mixed mortar construction. 

  With modular structure, it's easy to move, dissemble and operate. With variable speed regulation, it can achieve different pressure, output and plastering speed. 

Main Parameter

Working Pressure


Working distance


Grain size


Flow rate


Water: cement: sand


Bucket capacity


Machine Weight


With Air compressor


Spray pipe






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