Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine
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Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine
Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine is consists of tensioning jack, QYB - 55 type pneumatic hydraulic pump and high pressure rubber hose and so on, constitute a set of coal roadway anchor cable prestress tensioning install the necessary tools. Tensioning jack anchor built-in tools, not only realize automatic firm anchor and also firm anchor, and ensure the safe operation, improve the working efficiency.

Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine

Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine is consists of tensioning jack, QYB - 55 type pneumatic hydraulic pump and high pressure rubber hose and so on, constitute a set of coal roadway anchor cable prestress tensioning install the necessary tools. Tensioning jack anchor built-in tools, not only realize automatic firm anchor and also firm anchor, and ensure the safe operation, improve the working efficiency.

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Pneumatic anchor cable tensioning machine is consists of tensioning jack, QYB - 55 type pneumatic hydraulic pump and high pressure rubber hose and so on, constitute a set of coal roadway anchor cable prestress tensioning install the necessary tools. Tensioning jack anchor built-in tools, not only realize automatic firm anchor and also firm anchor, and ensure the safe operation, improve the working efficiency 


Mine Pneumatic anchor tensioning equipment, reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation, safe to use, especially for coal mine explosion-proof requirements of the occasion. Pneumatic anchor tension machine is the necessary tools prestress Roadway install to ensure cable tension to prestress indicators is an important indicator of success of cable installation, particularly suitable for coal mine explosion-proof requirements occasion . 



Rated tension180KN

For steel wire dia.15.24mm

Pulling stroke150mm

Center hole dia.17.5mm

Pressure bearing area35.08cm2

Weight(with oil)17.5kg

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