MJ6080 series Anchor rod installation machine
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MJ6080 series Anchor rod installation machine
Anchor rod installation machine is widely used in coal roadway bolting, drilling equipment supporting operations to meet the domestic coal resin mixing and tray nut bolt installation, the implementation of one-tighten the nut, bolt preload to achieve a one-time initial requirements . bolt installation machine pneumatic bolt installation machine with light weight, flexible operation, safe and reliable.

MJ6080 series Anchor rod installation machine

Anchor rod installation machine is widely used in coal roadway bolting, drilling equipment supporting operations to meet the domestic coal resin mixing and tray nut bolt installation, the implementation of one-tighten the nut, bolt preload to achieve a one-time initial requirements . bolt installation machine pneumatic bolt installation machine with light weight, flexible operation, safe and reliable.

Product Detail


Load speed 4500 r/min 

idle air consompution 35 L/s 

rotate speed 5500 circle /min 

weight 13 kg 

idle speed 4500 r/min  

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