Mining anchor-KM18
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Mining anchor-KM18
1) CVM series anchor (CVM15, CVM13); KM15, KM18 mine anchor, etc.;   YCW series light jack, YD series push, lift jacks, ZB4/500 series electric pump, JQB90 vacuum, SQ45 screw grout pump ; 3) LCB series prestressed bellows with gold case, LBS series vacuum (plastic) bellows, LCB, LBG metal bellows tube machine, metal bellows flat tube machine

Mining anchor-KM18

1) CVM series anchor (CVM15, CVM13); KM15, KM18 mine anchor, etc.;   YCW series light jack, YD series push, lift jacks, ZB4/500 series electric pump, JQB90 vacuum, SQ45 screw grout pump ; 3) LCB series prestressed bellows with gold case, LBS series vacuum (plastic) bellows, LCB, LBG metal bellows tube machine, metal bellows flat tube machine

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      1) CVM series anchor (CVM15, CVM13); KM15, KM18 mine anchor, etc.;   YCW series light jack, YD series push, lift jacks, ZB4/500 series electric pump, JQB90 vacuum, SQ45 screw grout pump ;    3) LCB series prestressed bellows with gold case, LBS series vacuum (plastic) bellows, LCB, LBG metal bellows tube machine, metal bellows flat tube machine, now has 1.5 million anchor hole, equipment 500, bellows 1,000,000 meters of annual production capacity, products widely used in a variety of prestressed concrete structures, steel structures, railways, highways, bridges, high-rise buildings, hydropower engineering, mining, sewage treatment plant. 

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