XRC Series Slope Man Car
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XRC Series Slope Man Car
XRC series slope man car is the safety personnel transportation equipment of all kinds of mining slope roadway, which is suitable for the slope roadway that gradient is less than 30. The slope man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient. The number of the person on man car depends on the angle of mine. In order to ensure the safety of the personnel, the man car is equipped with brake device that can safety brake when it comes to wire rope fracture or obstructions.

XRC Series Slope Man Car

XRC series slope man car is the safety personnel transportation equipment of all kinds of mining slope roadway, which is suitable for the slope roadway that gradient is less than 30. The slope man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

XRC series slope man car is the safety personnel transportation equipment of all kinds of mining slope roadway, which is suitable for the slope roadway that gradient is less than 30. The slope man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient. The number of the person on man car depends on the angle of mine. In order to ensure the safety of the personnel, the man car is equipped with brake device that can safety brake when it comes to wire rope fracture or obstructions.

Model Significance


model significance

TakeXRC10-6/6For Example

X——slope roadway

R——man car


10——seating capacity



Technical Parameters