XRC Series Mining Inclinded Shaft Man Car
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XRC Series Mining Inclinded Shaft Man Car
XRC mining inclinded shaft man car is suitable for the slope angle is not more than 40 degrees. When car in the process of running, drivers found obstacles ahead, can be manually parking brake, to ensure the safety of the train staff. The inclinded shaft man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient. About the laid, insert track, there are automatic and manual braking system.

XRC Series Mining Inclinded Shaft Man Car

XRC mining inclinded shaft man car is suitable for the slope angle is not more than 40 degrees. When car in the process of running, drivers found obstacles ahead, can be manually parking brake, to ensure the safety of the train staff. The inclinded shaft man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

XRC mining inclinded shaft man car is suitable for the slope angle is not more than 40 degrees. When car in the process of running, drivers found obstacles ahead, can be manually parking brake, to ensure the safety of the train staff. The inclinded shaft man car is driven by electric winch, which are fast, safe and convenient. About the laid, insert track, there are automatic and manual braking system.

Main Characteristics   

1. Flexible steering linkage, adjustments are simple. 2. Traction, support and gearing system located at the same center line. 3. Equipped with rubber buffer spring, ride comfort.

Technical Parameters