Engineering machinery and the Intern
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Engineering machinery<

Engineering machinery and the Internet of things

The company is a large-scale enterprise group Chinese engineering industry is the largest, most complete varieties and series products, the most competitive and influential, but also Chinese largest construction machinery production base. At the national advocate of IOT application occasion, my company with its own need to develop suitable to construction machinery products of IOT application model, build digital management products for the Internet of things technology, new wave leading construction machinery technology, greatly improved the company's service level. At present, our company has been in the truck crane, excavator, rotary drilling rig three categories of products on the application of "black box" chip.

First of all, this makes our technical staff in the office can be real-time monitoring to the health of every machine operation status, we sold condition etc.. Before equipment failure, can supervise beforehand, even can clearly know which part is damaged, and can be the first time to send SMS to the user, and ultimately improve the user satisfaction degree. Customer service repair, the technology has brought great convenience. For example, in some parameter setting technology, no longer need to send technical personnel specialized in person at the scene to guide repair, as long as the operation in a connected computer, you can easily solve, greatly saves the cost of customer service repair.

Secondly, the application of Internet of things technology can bring great convenience for the user company timely recovery of loans. Engineering machinery product price is very high, so a lot of users is to buy or lease financing through loans, after a period of time, the user needs to pay again. Because users are distributed all over the country, had no effective means of management, the payment is always dilatory. Now, if the user does not have the normal payment, you can lock the product through the system, send instructions before you can use the.

Thirdly, the application of this technology has hardly any additional cost to the customer. My company to install "black box" chip in the product. Almost all provide positioning, monitoring, remote operation function is free. Even if add other features, we also just a nominal charge a service fee.

Current, for there are a lot of companies are doing similar to: the black box "of the chip, but the majority are still in the development stages. Our company not only has access to one of the very few enterprises application stage, or at this stage of the domestic scale is biggest, the application effect is the best one of enterprises. To some extent, we really put the enterprise positioning, product transformation, accessories R & D together.

Thus, engineering machinery enterprises to the development of construction machinery of things, to better promote the development of enterprises, enhance the enterprise product service efficiency, promote the fusion of industrialization and informatization. The Internet of things will be the future of engineering machinery, engineering machinery enterprises in the new economic growth point, and with the help of the Internet of things and create more wealth. My company to do is to increase efforts to promote, a greater degree of the Internet of things technology used in product development and customer services, the maximum ability to develop more quality products and more convenient service, using the Internet of things we will spend more money, more scientific research strength to study more chip found more suitable for construction machinery technology.

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