Product introduction and operation
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2H-3E electric detonator tester is a stable ,safe and reliable handheld 31/2 manual switching range of detonator t

2H-3E electric detonator tester is a stable ,safe and reliable handheld 31/2 manual switching range of detonator test instrument .It’s the special test instrument which is centering on large scale integrated circuit and double integral A/Dconverter。Large screen display, all function symbols,connecting input prompt and a full range of overload protection and unique appearance design。Make it the more superior performance special blasting instrument.Be dedicated to single electric detonator resistance the measurement of total resistance,series and parallel electric detonator blasting network and measurement of electric detonator switch.Widely used in open pit quarry,underground metal mines,tunnel drivage ,city controlled blasting,big or medium-sized blasting engineering of water conservancy project。So,it Is the ideal tool for professional staff engaged in blasting。Design and production of 2H-3E electric detonator tester strictly follow the  GB4793 safety requirements of electronic measuring and IE61010-1 safety standards,meet the exacting standards of double insulated voltage CATⅡ1000V、CATⅢ600V and pollution registration standards Ⅱ。
Please read this manual carefully ,follow the directions for use And  According to the operating rules Before use,otherwise Protection  instrument provides for you may weaken or lose 。
       First,Please  pay attention to the "warning signs, warning words"。Warning means Situation or action that will be dangerous to user or may Damage to the instrument or equipment to be tested。
      Second, check the instrument and test line before use to beware of any damage or abnormal.
      Third,when the instrument is measured,don’t touch bare wires and connectors or on measuring circuit.
      Fourth,measuring more than sixty V DC or  thirty volts AC voltage ,must be circumspect,Fingers do not exceed the test finger position,to prevent electric shock.
      Fifth,when the range of measured value cannot be determined,arrang the function range switch to the maximum range of position.
     Sixth,Don’t exceed the rated voltage or current annotation on the meter Between the terminal and the terminal or between the terminal and the ground.
     Seventh,When measuring ,function switch must be in the right range shift,before the function range switch,you must disconnect pen and the circuit under test,no converting the shift when it is measuring,to prevent damage to the instrument.
Eighth ,before measuring resistance online,first,you must cut off all the power circuit ,then put  capacitor residual charge clean.
Ninth ,before measuring the current,Should first check whether it is the fuse intact instrument,before the instrument is connected to the circuit,turn off the power.
Tenth ,when the symbol is displayed on the LCD,replace the battery in time, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy.
Eleventh, in maintenance, please use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean  surface of the instrument.