Alarm bells about safety in coal min
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       This year,affected by the lower than expected economic growth ,the downturn in the related industry demand,the lower reaches of the procurement of lack of confidence and other factors,continuation of last year's low operation of the situation,total amount of coal market turned loose ,the business efficiency gradually decreased。All in all ,the coal economy downward pressure further increase。
        Analysis of industry experts tell us that difficulties that the domestic coal industrys are facing is hard to turn for the better In the current situation.Also the  development trend will continue low price, low demand, low profit in a certain period of time.Although the coal economy began with steady rhythm at the very start this year. The grim situation,Beyond the expected difficulty will give rise to continued declines for the economic operation of the coal industry .
    Economic benefits accruing to the country from Coal industry continue to fall sharply based on the 36% decline last year.only realize tax 128.19Billion ,fell 42.49%,Profit fell 68%.
    Flooding accident occurred in Dongyi ventilation roadway of zhengsheng Coal industry company Shanxi coking coal group Fenxi mineral company.12 people were trapped underground.After a tense rescue for 11 consecutive days,only two people were rescued ,the other 10 people were killed.
    On October 11,Flooding accident also occurred in Huishui County Tian Xiang Da Chong mine,seven people were killed.On October 17 ,Gas explosion accident occurred in Fuquan city Gao Shi Xiang Zhe rock mine,four people were killed.The coal industry overall fall is a test of Coal mine’s safety.
    Owing to Coal market downturn of  the  Coal market,yeild of The old mines and small mines had cut by a large margin,many of the miners even shutdown at home.The accident occurs frequently,Poor condition of underground mining and reductions even stop in wages, lead to the old miners disappointed at their occupation.and worried about how to ensure their workmates’safety in this state of mind.
    In this very period, it is important to Strict security issues,but the government's attention is more important.  Said that under no circumstances can we reduce the safety input. This is one of the significant content of government regulation。Therefore, the government should research policy to increase the intensity of investment on the enterprise security.
    Whenever, the coal enterprises should adhere to the principle of "safety first".It is the iron rule.But in these difficult times,relying on their own strength is not enough,the state should formulate corresponding policies to reduce the coal enterprises corresponding tax ,to intensify efforts to rectify the market, In order to create a fair competition environment of coal enterprises and make coal enterprises out of the predicament as soon as possible. Only the miners mentally satisfied and and the rich material life will ensure safety in coal mine .