The development trend of China's pum
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The development trend of China's pump equipment industry
    With the development of new technology and the upgrading of the 12th Five Year Plan period of strategic opportunity of national increasing investment, China's pump equipment industry will enface a new development period.In this market background, China's pump equipment industry shows a strong momentum in the development。And with the positive innovation and development gradually evolved into an international pump industry development the main battlefield. So that it can rapidly expand and develop,and the international rise of China's pump industry just around the corner.    Take the coal seam water injection pump for an example, the coal seam injection pump is mainly to water injection pump for mine seam water injection, one of the major role of coal seam water infusion is wet coal in primary dust, which has the ability of making it lose flying.But what is the dust? I will give you a brief overview of coal dust. The definition of the coal dust:coal dust, coal particles of dust particles less than 1 mm in diameter called coal dust, dust particle diameter less than 5 micron particles of rock called rock dust. (1 meters =1000 mm, 1 mm =1000 micron, a human hair is about 70 ~ 80 micron thickness). How does this kind of coal mine dust come into being? In the process of coal production, coal and rock breaking tiny particles produced by coal and rock called[]. The powdery material underground construction with the flying dust of coal dust can be added, such as loess, cement, sand and dust explosion with isolated rock powder etc.. Coal dust is divided into floating dust and deposition dust: Dust suspended in the air are called floating dust;Dust sunk in two states which is on the top floor roadway or equipment called deposition dust. The coal dust is harmful, because in all kinds of coal, the majority of coal generated dust has explosiveness. The coal dust in the air reached a certain concentration can explosive alone under the heat of initiation explosion. These dust called the explosive coal dust. In the explosive coal dust, the dust particles less than 1 mm in diameter can participate the explosion. In order to research and prevent the dust explosion, we call the coal particles less than 1 mm in diameter coal dust.The flying dust in the air come into the human body with breath and into the respiratory organs.The larger dust can be excreted, but the diameter of less than 5 micron dust stay in lungs could cause pneumoconiosis. We call this dust respirable dust. Rock dust can cause silicosis, it is easy to disease and also is a serious condition pneumoconiosis. For the prevention of silicosis we put a diameter less than 5 micron particles of rock called rock dust. The Chongqing branch of coal science research institute,the results show that: In the same kind of coal with different particle size conditions, explosion pressure increases with the decrease of particle size, the explosion range expanded, i.e. explosive coal dust size different enhancement, the ignition temperature of dust ignition temperature is not the same. Coal dust particle is small, the ignition temperature is lower, and the flame propagation speed is fast. To solve these problems need coal seam water injection pump.For convenience we understand, the following simple introduction is technical parameters of coal seam water injection pump from our company,Model:7BZ-4.5/16 7BZ-6.3/16 7BZ-6.3/20 7BZ-8.0/20Nominal flow:m3/h 4.5 6.3 6.38Working pressure: MPa 16162020Piston number:7777Motor power:kW 30374555Suction pipe diameter:  KJR32 KJR51 KJR51 KJR51 Drainage pipe diameter: KJR19 KJR25 KJR25 KJR25
Whole weight:  kg 670,710,820,920Size: mm 1700 * 450 * 780,1840 * 500 * 950,1930 * 500 * 1000,1990 * 500 * 1000    With the progress of science and technology and the national investment increased, China's pump equipment industry enfaces new opportunity for development. Jining Runmei mining materials Co. Ltd. under the background of such a market, relying on the brand development of the concept of industry leading technology, innovative and perfect after sale service, firmly on the core domestic target consumer market. We analysis the market and size up the situation, hope constraints get rid of the external environment, constantly improve our own level, and make the company start around the world.    However, how can the brand of Runmei remain invincible? As we all know, in recent years, the market of raw materials price continue to rise, and the profit rate continue to decrease. What’s more,many foreign manufacturers have joined domestic market, which restricted the development of China's pump industry market.Only the talent of an enterprise could show itself to let everyone see. Jining Runmei mining materials Co. Ltd. realized only by the price advantage could achieve long-term development of the market.And only starting from themself to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is the primary problem in our country pump enterprises. Believe that, as long as we seize market opportunities, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, Runmei brand will blossom everywhere and never fade.