Pneumatic anchor drilling machine
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    Pneumatic anchor drilling machine is also called the anchor rig, as the name suggests is to act the fixing function of a product, the anchor rig is the key equipment of bolt supporting. It affects the range, depth and  diameter of bolt supporting quality of bolt hole accuracy and anchor installation quality, and also relates to the personal safety of the operator, labor strength and operating conditions. So the anchor rig in the construction site plays a decisive role. For example, in order to improve the supporting effect, reduce cost, accelerate the driving speed, reduction of auxiliary transportation volume, reduce labor intensity, improve the using efficiency of roadway section,it all has very prominent aspects.
    The anchor rig is mostly used in coal mine roadway roof and side wall drilling and installation of the bolt support, it also widely used in laneway excavation in underground:
(1) It adopts full hydraulic power head transmission, high mechanization, high drilling efficiency, and can also reduce the labor intensity of workers.
(2) The power head reverses six gear speed, and it’s wide speed range can also meet the different requirement of drilling technique.
(3)The drilling angle is large which can reach 120 ° (Upward 20 °, 10 °forward )
(4) As a result of adopting full hydraulic pressure drive, the drilling speed, drilling rig lifting, angle adjustment adn aperture correction is completed by the hydraulic mechanism, therefore it has the advantages of simple operation, less auxiliary time, high drilling efficiency, labor intensity low.